tom leick-burns
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Tom Leick-Burns

Tom was born in Luxembourg and initially trained as an actor at the Drama Centre, London.

Since then, he has appeared in over 20 professional theatre productions and starred in numerous films and was awarded the prestigious Studio Hamburg Shooting Star Award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004. His career took a different turn when he was approached to work as a freelance production manager for the Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg. Using his knowledge of British theatre and excellent language skills, he was hired to facilitate and look after international projects. Since then, he has been able to work on an eclectic range of theatre, dance and opera productions, using his organisational skills and gaining invaluable experience in project management. With his hands-on approach and indomitable spirit, Tom quickly adjusted to his new role while at the same time taking on new challenges. In 2008, he facilitated the first professional English-language production in Luxembourg and programmed parts of the Grand Théâtre English-language season.

Always keen to explore different aspects of the profession and to develop his skills further, Tom recently added presenting to his already impressive CV. In November 2007, he compered the prestigious  Luxembourg Film Awards, which was received with critical acclaim and he has since presented the Innovation Awards  for PriceWaterhouseCoopers at their Staffday 2008.